2nd Pregnancy & Kate Evelyn's Birth Story

I guess now that I had another baby it's time to update my blog!

The past 4 years have been amazing and also full of ups and downs but we have absolutely loved being parents to Jane and have grown so much as a family. (I realized I need to update my last blog post and mention that we changed her name from Matea to Jane) Matt was ready to have more kids a long time ago but I kept putting it off. I didn't feel ready in so many ways and especially with Matt's job where we moved every 6 months I couldn't fathom the idea of doing that with two kids. Some people can handle it but I know my limits and I knew I'd go crazy (or I guess even crazier that I already have). We had not been trying to get pregnant and I was not on birth control but I know exactly when I'm ovulating so we used that and condoms as my birth control. (btw, I'm a very open book!) Anyways, one time we didn't use a condom and I knew our chances of getting pregnant were high because of when I …
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